Here's what a few of our clients had to say about our cultural sensitivity workshops. 


Alberta Environment and Parks

"There was too many things I learned today to list. Everything you presented was amazing. It was eye-opening and consciousness raising." 


Carillion Canada

"Holly’s training has been hugely influential on our business, and something that every manager in the Carillion business across Canada has now completed. She, and the session, are hugely informative, engaging and educational, delivered with knowledge and passion.

We are privileged to work with Holly, not only in our ongoing training programs, but as a strategic advisor to our business as we engage and work with Aboriginal businesses and communities across Canada. We consider Holly to be an inspirational trainer, a valued partner, and a friend." 


Calgary City Police

"This was a very comprehensive presentation.  It was all very interesting and was put together so well.  It was a tough conversation that Holly made more lively and balanced." 


 Calgary Stampede

I just wanted to thank you again for today.  You are such an exceptional presenter and human being.  You truly empowered many people to know more and to know the truth.  Together we can make a difference.  Thanks for sharing and using your power and knowledge to move forward in a positive way.  You are a role model and leader for all!


Ronald McDonald House

"Holly provided our team with a safe environment for open and honest communication about Indigenous awareness, sharing stories and painting a picture of the past, present, and future. Holly taught our team invaluable lessons on inclusion and cultural sensitives. We all had an amazing day and didn’t want it to end!" 



“This session was very inspiring and informative about Aboriginal  peoples that I did not learn in school. Excellent explanation, thank you!"


Chevron Corporation 

"Absolutely excellent! You did a wonderful job of delivering terrific information in a sensitive, funny, entertaining and relevant way. I have taken Aboriginal Awareness Trainings a half a dozen times from other people and this is by far the best day yet. Thanks for being so receptive and honest and making people so willing to ask questions and fully participate.”


Cochrane RCMP

"I loved the perspective and tone in which this presentation was conducted.  Your humour and personal experience was incredibly engaging." 



Royal Bank of Canada

"I found Holly's presentation to be extremely valuable. Her passion and in-depth knowledge made for a fierce combo not to be reckoned with. Holly's authentic and approachable. These attributes are important as the audience felt they could ask questions which made for a great dialogue. I would re-live her presentation again and again”.


Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission

"I was blown away by your presentation.  I think It is the best training course I have ever taken through work.  Your personal perspective combined with a plethora of current and historical facts makes for a powerful workshop.  Thank you”


Fort McMurray Catholic School Division

"Holly has a way of speaking that is genuine, compassionate and non-judgemental.  For the Fort McMurray Catholic School District, she is presenting to teachers who sometimes have very little cultural understanding.  She shares her information in such a way that she is inclusive - the people in the room are not to blame for the state of things, but we can do something about it and knowledge gives us power.  Even though I have heard her present before, I find it difficult to leave because she draws me in again!  At the end of the presentation our staff feels united; ready to move forward in positive understanding of the histories and culture of our FNMI people." 



Wood Buffalo Environmental Association

An emotional journey.  There is so much negative history to be bitter about but Holly doesn’t dwell on it, she uses her stories and humour to portray hope.  Very educational and uplifting presentation. All Canadians should take this training to really understand our Indigenous history." 

"The extent and systematic nature of the discrimination and planned cultural genocide was eye opening. Having everything presented from Holly’s personal and family perspective was excellent. It’s so much easier to connect when the stories are personal."


ACIFA Conference 2017

"Holly was one of the best presenters on this topic I have ever heard!"

"Thank you for the amazing "handout" as well!"

"A classy, knowledgeable presenter with a passion for exposing others to the truth!!Keep on sharing, Holly."

"Holly was articulate, genuine, so open and honest!  Absolutely loved this session."

"Excellent, engaging, well prepared."


BC Hydro

"Thank you Holly for taking our team through such a comprehensive, powerful and mind-opening training. Your humor and energy made the material so approachable. Thank you for challenging us to explore how we as individuals and a company can work to acknowledge the past and find a path forwards with truth, respect and reconciliation at the centre of our relationships with First Nations." 



“We’ve had the pleasure of working with Holly on several occasions. Her Indigenous cultural awareness workshop is fantastic. It’s the perfect combination of honest truth telling and important history lesson without shaming the white people in the room. I look forward to a long relationship with Holly to help Sodexo’s employees understand the errors of Canada’s past and embrace the opportunities in our future with our Indigenous peoples. This is important learning that all Canadians need.” 


Suncor Energy

“This ended up being a great team building experience, good day with my coworkers.” 



Alberta Energy Regulator

“This course was one of the best I have taken.  It was extremely eye-opening and emotional.  As a worker in this Industry, it is very important to learn and know the history of Canada and Indigenous People.  Especially when Oil and Gas development impacts the land …and the First Nations traditions and connection to the land."


Athabasca University

"Holly has a natural story telling presence, where she weaves the story of aboriginal history and culture into a mosaic of human experiences and events while at the same time, keeping the unique cultural aspects of Aboriginal people defined.  It was incredibly interesting learning about the history and culture of Aboriginal people in an engaging and at times humorous presentation.  Some very serious topics woven with an excellent presentation of a very proud people of Canada. Thank you Holly!" 


Albian Sands Energy 

"This was definitely the most entertaining and interactive 'class' that I have taken. I really learnt so much and had a lot of fun doing it.”


Tsuu T'ina Fire-Rescue

"The entire presentation and discussion regarding cultural sensitivities, helps me in my work to understand cultural processes, spiritual connection and community engagement."


Syncrude Canada Ltd. 

“Fantastic day. Very knowledgeable instructor. Kept it interesting and interactive." 


Olds College: Alberta

"Holly was so gracious in her presentation and met the students at their various levels of understanding on Aboriginal issues.  She encouraged them keep learning and to strive to build relationships as they finished their formal training and moved into the work world.  We look forward to having Holly return again next year to share her knowledge and experiences with the students."


SAIT: Southern Alberta Institute of Technology

"I thoroughly enjoyed Holly's presentation.  She speaks very well and engages her audience.  I appreciate her professionalism and respectfulness.  She provided a background of the history of Canada and Indigenous people, which was wonderful, as not everyone has a knowledge base about this history.  This education is key to working toward eliminating stereotypes and prejudices against Indigenous Peoples and dispelling the many myths that exist." 


Total E&P Canada 

“Very good. Helped remove some of the bad press that I had heard/seen about Aboriginal people. Presentation of subject matter was great.” 


Grey Eagle Resort & Casino

"Thank you for giving us a voice.  You are making a huge difference with your work.  Thank you for education so many people.  Your impact is unbelievable and life changing.  Thank you for sharing your story!" 


Imperial Oil Limited 

“Very positive and informative presenter. As a newcomer to Canada, I learned a lot of very important background information which will be very useful in my work.” 


Fisheries and Oceans Canada

“Excellent information was provided on how to approach consultation with Aboriginal Communities, what local traditions / protocols are followed, the importance of gifts etc. Very enjoyable and beneficial experience.”


Shell Canada

“There really are no words that are big enough to express my extreme gratitude to Holly for putting on this course. For me it was a life-changing event. I will never forget what I learned that day, and it has challenged me to learn much more about aboriginal people in Canada. I will never again look at the aboriginal peoples here in Canada in the same light.

I have a whole new appreciation for the hardships faced by aboriginal people and the determination they have as a people to defeat those hardships and move beyond past grievances into a bright new future. I will take this with me going forewords in my life and I will be a better person for it. Again, thank you so much to Holly. Keep doing what you are doing. It is making a difference.” 


Tsuu T’ina Police

" I have had training before in Aboriginal Awareness, but in one day, you taught me more than I have learned in all the others.  You have literally touched on a lot of topics I have wondered about." 


The Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo 

"Always appreciate hearing the Aboriginal perspective of history. Powerful story of cultural genocide. Loved your style, very welcoming, informative and interactive." 


McMan Youth Family and Community Services Association 

"It's been really deep and meaningful. I appreciate that it's been an day of change and deeper understanding for me through your presentation, which was factual and real through storytelling, but very challenging." 


The HUB Family Resource Centre 

"You have a very warm passionate way of presenting. I thoroughly enjoyed it." 


RCMP Victim Services

"Loved the whole experience! Fort McKay is a beautiful community. Today I feel that I learned a great deal about the culture here and about Aboriginal Peoples and our history. This would be a great tool for all RCMP to have. Really great presentation!" 


MacDonald Island Park 

"You are a great teacher Holly. I thank you for your wisdom and compassion. May your fire burn forever. May Creator smile upon you and may you feel the blessing of the Great Mother." 


Graham Construction

"I wanted to express how great I thought your session was. It was informative, thorough, and thought-provoking, all while being positive and lively. I truly enjoyed it and felt it added value not only to my position with Graham but also my personal views."


Wood Buffalo Food Bank 

"I had an amazing day. So thankful I could be apart of today.Thank you, Holly." 


The United Way 

"Today was such an eye opening experience. I learned more today (about Aboriginal culture) than I have ever in my twenty-two years of life. I loved taking part in the interactive parts of the day! You are an amazing speaker and an amazing woman!" 


Centre of Hope 

"I feel like I've been helped tremendously in my work with the Aboriginal patrons at the Centre of Hope." 


Events Wood Buffalo 

"It was incredible! I am going to recommend this to my co-workers and you will probably hear from me again. Keep doing what you're doing, it will make a difference!" 


Canadian Mental Health Association 

"Excellent training, really interesting interactive and dynamic. The whole event was really well planned and organized. I loved the moose meat and bannock!"  


Alberta Human Services: Employment Division  

"It was an extremely informative and moving day. The morning was powerful, the afternoon a lot of fun."


Oil Sands Discovery Centre 

"(I enjoyed) The other side of the story of well known parts of Canadian history - fur trade, first contact, residential schools, germ warfare. You are engaging and inspiring." 


Leadership Wood Buffalo 

"Loved the smudging ceremony. (I learned about) the number of First Nations and numbered treaties. Thank you very much to you and your mom!"